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The last part of January when we start taking reservations.

One of the japanese style room.

One of the twin beds room with private bath room.


  • We are sorry,we will sell only 4 nights.You can not buy a night.
  • We set some extra space for the max number of people, when you lay out the futon and put your luggages.
  • The price is for only max number of people price.
  • Our hotel is very close to Fuji Rock entrance, which is only a 5 minute walk.
  • 24 hours you may enter and leave as you please, also public bath.
  • Be flexible for check in and check out!as much as possible.
  • We deal only pay up front, and non refundable deal.

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Rooms information

Room type Facility Number of people Vacancy
japanese style room sink 2-5 persons no vacancy
dormitory 1 person no vacancy
twin beds room private bath room 2 persons no vacancy