Room only

Room only

Enjoy a relaxing stay at our Utopia Naeba hotel near Naeba ski slopes.
Our hotel in Naeba,Niigata, is the perfect place to enjoy the ski of Naeba ski slopes


Please let us know by 9pm the previous night if you would like breakfast.
Japanese breakfast(800yen)

Please let us know by 12am if you would like dinner the same evening.

  • Chicken Nabe[hot pot]-All You Can Eat   1,500yen per person
  • Kimuchi Nabe[hot pot]-All You Can Eat   1,800yen per person
  • Shabu-shabu-All You Can Eat         2,300yen per person
  • Sukiyaki -All You Can Eat         2,300yen per person

*Rates of the above described are for the customer booked with Room Only Plan.
*In case ordering All-you-can-eat Menus(1.2.3), you have to order same menu in the group,and order with the same number of people.
*We do not accept drink into the dining room.(Drinks bought at our vending machines are excluded.)

Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Please let us know if you would like to rent.


You can park within one room per one car.
Please let us know If you would like more

*We will keep your car’s key during your staying.
*We have the potential to move your car.

Room facilities

TV/Hairdryer/Public Refrigerator/Electric kettle/Towels/Linen/Toothbrush/Heater/Sink/Desk


Over one thousand manga/Some book’s written in English/Toys/DVD plyaer/Video games

Before/After check-in time.

You can use the facility free before/after check-in time.
change of clothes/break/bathroom….